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Enhancing Podcast Production with ai|coustics: A BosePark Success Story


BosePark Productions GmbH, located in Berlin, is one of Germany’s leading podcast production companies. They offer end-to-end podcast production solutions, from conception to distribution. Over the past decade, they have produced more than 200 podcast shows for major streaming platforms like Spotify and Audible, as well as prominent organizations such as ARD, ZDF, Wondery, and Der Spiegel.Β 

BosePark has always been at the forefront of innovation in the audio-visual industry. They were one of the first companies in Europe to offer multilingual podcast production with artificial intelligence. They are always looking out to improve their production workflows to produce the best quality audio.

The Challenge

Chris Guse, CEO at BosePark Productions GmbH

β€œIt is a great challenge for us to always guarantee the highest audio quality in the shortest possible production time. We often have very different recording situations, especially when we record guests remotely and cannot control the recording situation there.”

As a production house known for its fully equipped studio and technical expertise, BosePark ensures top-notch audio quality for all their podcasts and audiobooks produced in-house. However, their biggest challenge often arises from varying recording conditions, particularly with remote guests, which are beyond their control.

These discrepancies lead to issues such as background noise, reverb, and other audio artifacts that detract from the overall quality of the podcasts.

Original Audio

ai|coustics WebApp and API Solution

Chris and his team at BosePark recognized the need for a fast and reliable solution to elevate their audio to the highest quality. After thorough research and comparison of various providers, Chris decided to try ai|coustics.

Initially, they started using the ai|coustics WebApp to enhance smaller audio files from older recordings or interviews recorded on mobile phone microphones. They have since upgraded to the ai|coustics API, which allows them to automatically enhance and release audio files with greater efficiency.

β€œWe found ai|coustics after researching the web and were not only impressed by the simple solution via a web interface but also via the API connection to be able to quickly incorporate the improvement into our production process.”

Enhanced Audio

The Outcome and Achievement

“ai|coustics effectively mitigates reverb, clipping, and compression artifacts, enabling the team to maintain high audio standards without significant manual intervention. This technology ensures that their podcasts consistently meet professional quality levels.”  

Integrating ai|coustics into BosePark’s workflow has revolutionized their approach to podcast production, ensuring professional-grade audio quality regardless of the recording conditions. Since the partnership, BosePark has received no negative feedback regarding sound quality, a testament to the technology’s impact. The enhanced audio quality has set a new baseline, ensuring all podcasts produced at their studio meet a high standard. This customer success story is just one example of how ai|coustics aims to make production easier and improve content quality in the podcast industry with our Generative AI technology.

About ai|coustics
Berlin-based startup ai|coustics combats poor speech quality and intelligibility in audio communication and content creation with Generative Audio AI algorithms for everyone, across every device. Their pioneering audio enhancement technology empowers media creators and audio companies to incorporate a new standard of speech quality into their products and productions, improving the way we communicate and consume content.

About BosePark Productions
BosePark Productions GmbH is one of the largest podcast production companies in Germany. For 10 years and with their own studios in Berlin, they have been enthusiastically offering all areas of podcast production. In 2017, for example, they implemented “Talk-OMat” as the first podcast commissioned production for Spotify, later Europe’s first video podcast, and produced the official Tatort podcast for ARD. Their customers benefit from their many years of experience and professional team.

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