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Our Berlin-based team is the core of ai|coustics. We’re passionate about reshaping the audio landscape globally, ensuring high-quality sound is accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

We’re committed to a future where clear and impactful communication is the norm. Our vision revolves around making AI-driven speech enhancement an integral part of enriching media experiences and natural conversations. We aim to redefine the way people connect and express themselves through sound by leveraging innovation and technology.

Our Drive

ai|coustics is powered by a genuine passion for technology and a strong determination to make a meaningful impact – a journey marked by ambitious goals, collaborative brainstorming, and persistent effort. We continuously refine our algorithms and explore new possibilities to stay at the forefront of our industry. Our multidisciplinary team brings together a wealth of knowledge in signal processing, deep learning, acoustics, and software engineering, enabling us to deliver solutions that are both scientifically sound and practically effective.

Our Culture

Our work environment is a dynamic hub of creativity and teamwork. We foster an open culture where every team member’s input is valued and respected. We encourage an open dialogue and thrive on different perspectives that lead to innovative solutions. Curiosity drives us to question the status quo, learn from mistakes, and celebrate achievements together.

Our Contribution

At ai|coustics, our contribution extends beyond code and algorithms. We’re dedicated to using our technology to bring about positive change. Whether it’s enhancing the dialogue of movie scenes, enabling clear communication in remote work setups, democratizing content creation through new tools or ensuring inclusive communication for everyone, our solutions create tangible benefits that ripple through various aspects of life.

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