Your voice at its best!

Sound brilliant in every situation with Generative AI Speech Technology.


Sound brilliant in every situation.

Welcome to the future of speech technology! Experience high-quality audio like never before with Generative Speech AI. Whether you're recording a podcast, using a low-quality headset, or dealing with pesky background noise, our technology will elevate your audio to professional-grade quality.

Bring back the frequencies.

Our AI Speech Enhancement Technology uses advanced algorithms to improve the clarity and quality of spoken words. With ai|coustics, we don't just suppress background noise but also remove room resonances, compensate for low-quality headsets and repair digital artifacts. We even bring back lost components and frequencies of the audio signal! With a cheap headset in a noisy office room you can still sound like you were recorded in a music studio.

In any application.

Our AI Speech Enhancement technology is perfect for any audio-focused application. Whether you're building a video conferencing application, a podcasting platform, audio recording or transmission hardware or any other type of speech product, our technology will improve speech intelligibility, reduce misunderstandings, and increase focus for your users, making communication more effective and engaging.











Use our Speech Enhancement SDK or API

Integrating AI Speech Enhancement technology is simple with our HD-Speech API and SDK. Our library is optimized for low complexity, memory footprint, and minimum inference time, ensuring real-time audio applications to sound crisp and clear in every situation.

Upgrade your audio with Generative Speech AI today. ai|coustics' HD-Speech real-time audio SDK library is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android and iOS platforms and runs in embbded, desktop and cloud environments.

Don't just take our word for it – experience the power of our technology firsthand by visiting our Playground Page where you can see and hear the transformative effects of AI Speech Enhancement in action.