ai|coustics is pioneering innovative audio algorithms based on AI and Deep Learning models and fundamentally improving the capabilities of Speech Audio Enhancement in digital communication and media content.

Check out our examples:

01. radio phone-in from the highway

02. lecture in reverberant hall

03. the noisy reader

04. hightime at the office

05. question from the audience



“Let’s postpone the meeting. Your back-ground is too noisy.”
“I can barely understand you. Are you still using that old headset?”

“I can no longer watch this lecture, the sound is unbearable.“

Bad speech audio is everywhere,
ai|coustics is the fix!

Low speech audio quality is annoying and has severe consequences: it reduces the intelligibility, causes misunderstandings and concentration difficulties, and ultimately hinders the overall communication experience in digital meetings and online media content.

ai|coustics does not only suppress background noise but also removes room resonances, compensates for low-quality headsets and repairs digital artefacts. We even can bring back lost components and frequencies of the audio signal! A cheap headset in your office room can sound like a recording in a music studio. 


HD speech quality with Deep Learning

ai|coustics’ speech enhancement algorithms are based on generative deep learning models. We use audio-specific efficient architectures of neural networks and train them with a custom-built database of specially processed and granularly categorized speech audio files. This results in unprecedented quality improvements.

left: corrupted audio spectrum
right: enhanced audio spectrum


Easy integration.
Embed AI Speech Enhancement into your product and give your customers more speech clarity and intelligibility for a better audio experience. Audio in – audio out, in real-time or on-demand, embedded or as cloud-api. Use one of our SDKs to get started in your favourite programming language.



Videoconferencing software, teleconference hardware, voice recording and messenger

Hands-free systems

Automotive and transportation

Audio Equipment

Hearing aids, speakerphones, headphones, earphones and microphones

Content Platforms

Social-media, podcast, video, education, conferences

Professional audio
and live broadcasting:

Production, editing and restoration software for radio, television or streaming formats

Speech-to-text systems

Pre-processing step for robust STT systems

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